3D Spades Deluxe

3D Spades Deluxe 1.6

Play Spades with dozens of colorful computer opponents
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Play Spades with dozens of colorful computer opponents or online against real people from around the globe. Spades Deluxe makes it as simple as a few clicks of the mouse!
With both novice and advanced skill settings, support for the most popular rule variations, and a built-in tutorial to help you learn (or re-learn) the game, you’ll be cleaning up in no time. Choose from locations such as a magical garden or a scary haunted house, deal the cards and go!
When it comes to partners, you’ve got your choices: How about a monkey? An alien? Sue, the archeologist or even the Mini-Queen herself? No matter whom you choose, you’re sure to find a new friend in this crowd!
You’ve never played a card game as cool as Spades Deluxe!
Main Features:
- 3D animated, interchangeable, talking opponents.
- Simple, elegant and fun Internet play.
- Tons of animated, speaking opponents.
- Difficulty levels ranging from easy to cutthroat.
- All the most popular rule variations.
- Full tutorial and demo game mode for beginners!

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